Generally, most states are an at-will state for the purposes of employment; there are numerous exceptions to that general rule for discrimination and retaliation under state and federal law. This program explores those exceptions and how to determine if there may be a viable claim under discrimination or retaliation law. Attorney Roger D. Locklear will explain the process and procedure for bringing discrimination and retaliation claims under the Civil Rights Act. After watching this program, attorneys will be better prepared to determine whether a potential client has a viable discrimination or retaliation claim and how to navigate the appropriate channels to finding a potential remedy.  Participants will also gain a better understanding of how to navigate the appropriate venues applicable when asserting a viable discrimination claim.

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June 13, 2017
Understanding the Civil Rights Act: How to Handle Employment Discrimination #85
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Roger Locklear   [ view bio ]
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North Carolina State Bar
General Hours: 1.00
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